Universal Credit – what you need to know


Universal Credit was introduced in Scotland in 2013 and gradually rolled out to every claimant on 31st June 2018, to help with living costs and paid monthly or twice monthly for some people.

Universal credit is for people on a low income who are either in or out of work (including those who are looking for work or are unable to work due to health problems).  If you are claiming benefits for the first time, you will have to apply for Universal Credit as some of the legacy benefits listed below have been replaced by UC. 

·         Child Tax Credit

·         Housing Benefits

·         Income Support

·         Income based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)

·         Income- related Employment and Support Allowance ( ESA)

·         Working Tax credit


If you are in receipt of one of these benefits and have a change in your circumstances, your benefit will be changed to Universal credit:

You may be eligible for Universal Credit if:

·         you are under the qualifying age for Pension Credit.

·         you are 18 or over ( there are some exceptions if you are 16 or 17)

·         you are under state pension age

·         you and your partner have savings of £16,000 or less between you


If you are claiming Universal Credit you should:

·         speak to your  Housing Officer to make arrangements to pay your rent as in most cases the “rent element” of UC will be paid direct to yourself and not your landlord.

·         contact us if you are worried about paying your rent as you can apply for the “rent element” to be paid direct to Spire View Housing Association.

·         contact us if you do not have access to the internet to make a claim as we can refer you to our money advice worker who can assist

·         make sure you are able to budget for your rent and other bills – we can refer you to a Money Advisor  for help with this.

·         make sure you have a bank  account that your UC can be paid into.


For more information contact our office on 0141 552 7928

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