Glorious Gardens


Spring is here and with it comes the growing season ....... so if you have a garden, we encourage you to maintain it along with the surrounding areas throughout the growing season which lasts from April to October.


This means keeping your grass neat and short, removing weeds from gardens, paths and driveways, strimming the edges of grassed areas and ensuring gardens and driveways are kept free from litter.


Our staff will be out and about inspecting gardens throughout the summer to ensure that tenants are maintaining the legal obligation in their tenancy agreement to keep their properties tidy.


I'm sure you'll all agree that the area looks lovely when people take the time to look after their gardens and keep all paths/driveways free of litter and weeds.


On that note ………… this year we want to see all those tenants who have a garden take part in our ANNUAL GARDENING COMPETITION.  As previously mentioned, the housing management staff will monitor the gardens throughout the season and around mid-September, we will ask an independent guest to come along and judge the best gardens. Winners will be awarded prizes for their hard work and effort.


It looks like the weather may be on our side, so we encourage you to get outside and enjoy the good weather and participate in some gardening at the same time.  If you don’t have a garden, why not volunteer to help your neighbour and enjoy the benefits.  Let’s all work together to brighten up our gardens and demonstrate how fantastic it is to stay in Royston!!!

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