Your Garden

If you have your own garden, you will need to maintain it. If you are unable to do so, please contact the office and we will try our best to put you in touch with someone else who can help.

Each year, we run a garden competition to encourage tenants to make the most of their gardens. This is judged in September and there will be a prize for the lucky winners. You don’t have to take part, but we hope that all tenants will join us in trying to make Royston a pleasant place to live by keeping their grass tidy and their gardens and driveways free of litter and weeds.

Close Cleaning

If you live in a tenement, you are responsible for cleaning the common areas. This includes the stairs, close doors, windows and walls. If you require a rota to be set up between you and your neighbour, please let us know.

Cleansing - Including Refuse Collection and Bin Areas

All household rubbish should be secured in bags and placed in your bin store/wheelie bin. Bulk items will be uplifted by the Cleansing Department free of charge. If you live in a tenement, you should place your bulk refuse (excluding white goods) by the kerbside before 08.00am on a Thursday morning. Those tenants living in houses or cottage flats should contact the Cleansing Department to arrange for any bulk refuse items to be uplifted. The number is 0141 287 9700.

All tenants must telephone the Cleansing Department to arrange uplift of white goods, e.g. fridges, freezers, washing machines.

Please remember that, if you live in a tenement, you and your neighbours are responsible for keeping the bin store area clean and tidy at all times.

Glasgow City Council’s Cleansing Department has responsibility for all cleansing issues. To contact them or for further information or to find out when your bin collection day is, please contact them on 0141 287 9700 or visit their website at Glasgow City Council Cleansing

Spire View Housing Association is registered under Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1965: Reg No. 2295R(S)
Registered with the Scottish Government No. HAC136
Scottish Registered Charity No. SC033266

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