From 30th September 2002, all Spire View tenants have Scottish Secure Tenancies (SST). The agreement is signed by tenants and the Association and outlines the rights and responsibilities of both.

The tenancy agreement contains information on the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Use of the Property and the Common Parts
  3. Respect for Others
  4. Sub-letting, Assignation and Exchange of your Tenancy
  5. Repairs, Maintenance, Improvements and Alterations
  6. Ending the Tenancy
  7. After the Tenant's Death
  8. Information and Consultation
  9. Complaints
  10. General Provisions

The tenancy agreement is explained in full to all tenants when signing up for a property. However, if you have any queries about any aspect of the tenancy agreement, please contact any member of our housing management team.

The Scottish Executive has also produced a leaflet on the SST which can be accessed using the link below. This page is very useful in detailing tenants' rights under the SST.

Scottish Government Information on Scottish Secure Tenancy


Spire View Housing Association is registered under Industrial & Provident Societies Act 1965: Reg No. 2295R(S)
Registered with the Scottish Government No. HAC136
Scottish Registered Charity No. SC033266

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